5 Reasons Young People Need Leadership Training


My interest in leadership started soon after graduating from high school. I was beginning to find my way through life and I chose to volunteer in a faith based organization. I spent most of my time in church where we had youth meetings every Sunday afternoon. It was fun meeting with other people of the same age going through similar challenges. Before long, I became one of the leaders in the group and we took turns to find discussion topics for upcoming meetings. In our 20’s, we were more concerned about career and relationships. We had numerous discussions trying to decode the later, but very few about career, so I decided to give it a shot.

At the time, I was taking a management course and I had come across interesting content in management magazines and books. Topics around visioning, personal development, planning, setting goals and others appealed to me. Whenever I got an opportunity to share, I opted to decode some of these topics. Surprising, it all went very well and each time, there were requests for more. This encouraged me, and a desire to build my own leadership skills and those of others was born. More than 10 years on, I spend time helping young people in high schools develop their leadership skills.  With all the challenges that youth face today, I strongly feel that each young person needs exposure to leadership development for the following reasons:

  1.   It increases self awareness

Through leadership training and practice, youth become more conscious of their strengths as well as weaknesses. With this knowledge, they can create their own vision, set their goals, analyze their abilities to achieve their goals and identify the kind of support they need to achieve their goal.

  1.   It empowers one to make decisions

Decision making skills are among the most critical skills that every young person needs to excel both in their social and academic lives. From early teenage years, young people are prone to peer pressure that often pushes them into making wrong choices. Leadership develop can mitigate this problems before it happens through increasing self awareness and empowering youth to weigh the consequences of their choices against different parameters that they set for themselves.

  1.   It enables one to establish a support network

Through leadership development, young people can be able to identify individuals or groups that can offer them the support they need to realize their dreams. In developing their leadership skills, youth begin to appreciate their developmental needs and the kind of support they need to address those needs. This process enables them to establish a network that can encourage, guide and support them in their journey. By networking this way, they horn effective communication and presentation skills, one step at a time.

  1.   It gives one a sense of focus

Leadership development is a process that helps young people develop a clear vision for themselves. The goal setting process enables them to break their vision into smaller portions that they can work on each day. This is a great way to make each single day in a young person’s life meaningful. When young people are busy working towards a set goal, there is no room for idleness that causes peer pressure to thrive. Leadership development gets young people ready for good time management and planning

  1.   It boosts self confidence

The leadership development process is an empowering process that enables a person to be comfortable with whom they are. This improves a person’s self esteem and confidence not only to guide themselves or stand their own ground, but also to direct others in s given course of action as well as influence their behaviors and opinions. Confidence is a key ingredient for success, so leadership development puts young people on the path to success and prepares them to work alongside adults.


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  1. Kiprop 9 October, 2016 at 10:56 Reply

    The requisite skills gained from leadership training also assist the youths to face life’s challenges and tackle them prudently as well as solve other problems in the society effectively.

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