What is an Annual Development Plan (ADP)?


The Annual Development Plan (ADP) is a key document that comprises a one year extract of the five year County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP). The ADP serves as a basis for development of the county annual budget guides the budget making process for the next financial year. The ADP is actually a mini budget that is produced earlier in the budget making process hence it informs the county executive’s decision in coming up with budget estimates.

Who Prepares the ADP?

The County Treasury is in charge of preparing the ADP. Upon preparation, the law requires that it be tabled in the County Assembly by 1st September of each year. The County Assembly then makes the plan public within 7 days of tabling to allow for citizen inputs. After its approval, the ADP can be used to inform the budget estimates by the County Treasury.

What information should the ADP Contain?

Citizens should be keen to look out for the ADP when the Government releases in order to  analyze it. When scrutinizing the ADP, you will be able to draw critical information. Here is a guide on some of the information that is available in the ADP:

  1. Medium term priorities for the county and whether they are linked to the County Integrated development plan (CIDP)

The ADP informs county budgets based on programs prepared in medium term structure that is, 3-5 year. Therefore, the plan should have medium term priorities that are to be achieved over that period. Since the ADP is a one year plan extracted from the CIDP, which is a five year plan, the details in the ADP should mirror those in the CIDP.

  1. County government programmes with performance indicators or targets

The ADP should have priorities under programmes in the same format that is used for the County’s programme budget. The ADP should be comprehensive enough to capture priority programmes that are to be funded by the County government rather than long lists of projects. The programmes should be inclusive of both recurrent and development expenditure while highlighting a set of performance indicators and targets that are not very many in number.

  1. Descriptions of major capital projects

Capital projects are long term investments that require large amounts of money to build, add or improve such as buildings. The ADP should have details of such projects taking into account those of individual projects, their locations, completion timelines and the proposed costs.

  1. Explanations for changes made in major projects or programmes in the CIDP

Due to given emergencies, public input or issues in implementation, the county executive might be forced to make changes to programmes or projects in the CIDP. During such an occurrence, the narratives should be explanatory hence making it easy for the public and the assembly to understand the decision to make changes.

  1. An overall budget and the estimated costs for major projects and programmes

According to the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), the ADP is supposed to have an overall summary budget for the whole county. Based on the priorities, the summary budget should have rough allocations for each programme. Major items should therefore be inclusive of the projected costs.



    • Florence Maina 10 December, 2017 at 09:03 Reply

      The County Government is aware of this fact. That is why there is room for public input before the ADP is approved

    • Githinji 31 August, 2018 at 09:23 Reply

      Also, there is the option in the County Governments Act for the County Assembly to amend the CIDP before the five years end. This might be a reason to (priority changes).

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