Has your County Developed these 5 Important Plans?


County plans are essential and form an integral part of the budget making process, which translates them to real development. Therefore, each county should prepare a county integrated development plan in accordance with Article 220 (2) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Sections 102 to 115 of the County Governments Act deal with County Planning. The types and purposes of the plans developed by the county government are outlined in Sections 107 to 111 of the Act. These plans are meant to guide, harmonize and facilitate development. These are the plans meant to be developed by the County Government:

  • County Integrated Development Plan

It is a five year plan and is also known as the medium term. This document borrows from other national plans  which including Vision 2030 etc.  It contains specific goals and objectives and reflects the strategic mid term priorities of county governments. It also has implementation plans with costs, plans for monitoring and evaluation and coherent reporting systems. The county governments are supposed to develop this document after every 5 years. The CIDP especially informs the budget priorities contained in the County’s Annual Development Plan. It is imperative and important for the public to be involved in the preparation of the CIDP since they define the priorities for the next five years.

  • Sectoral Plans

They are 10 year plans developed by a county department as a component part of the CIDP. They are program based, they form the basis for budgeting and performance management. Sectoral plans are supposed to be reviewed after every 5 years and updated annually by the County Executive. They are then approved by the County Assembly.

  • Spatial Plans

The County Executive prepares a 10 year spatial plan which is county Geographic Information System based. This plan identifies development projects and programmes and pins them on specific geographic areas. It lays out the necessary coordination between various sectors. This plan is a component of the CIDP and is reviewed every five years and the revisions are approved by the County Assembly.

  • City or Municipal Plans

These plans are the instruments that facilitate development and controlling development within the respective city or municipality. They provide for functional principles of land use and building plans, locations of various types of infrastructure and control within housing and building code. These plans should be reviewed every 5 years and the revisions approved by the respective county assemblies.

  • Performance Management Plans

This plan is laid out in Section 47 of the County Government Act. It facilitates assessment of performance of the county public service and the implementation of county policies. They provide a platform for matching performance contracting commitments to the indicators established within other plans. They ensure clarity of ‘who’ is supposed to do  ‘what’ in ensuring the success of all the other plans.




  1. Belindah 23 May, 2018 at 12:30 Reply

    Kusema ukweli I did not know such plans are supposed to exist but now that I know, nitachunguza nione kama hii county yetu iko nazo

  2. Chemutai 19 June, 2018 at 11:53 Reply

    I highly doubt counties develop these plans. For instance, most counties have failed time and again when it comes to implementing policies. Are they not using the performance management plan to improve? Do they even have

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